Cousin Love

I got to babysit Alexandria for a short time last week and we sure enjoyed having her here. . .

Holden was with her in the living room and I was in the kitchen and they were being awfully quiet, so I peaked in on them and found Holden was having Monkey give Alexandria kisses.  It was too cute 🙂


My Little Stain Fighters

Laundry has become one of those words that we now have to spell around our house, like B-A-T-H, C-A-N-D-Y, O-U-T-S-I-D-E, etc.  The boys LOVE helping me with the laundry.  Jaxson is a good help.  Holden, not so much.  Jaxson will gather, sort, spray stains. . . well, pretty much everything and of course Holden wants to do all of that while standing on top of the dryer and walking across to the washer while opening the cupboards at the same time (I know, real safe).  Here’s my little helpers. . .

Fun @ Howell’s Pumpkin Patch

Brad and I took the boys to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful.  Ann also took the girls.  We had a great time picking our pumpkins and playing around their farm.

On our way to pick our pumpkins

Two cute pumpkins

Jaxson looking for the perfect pumpkin

Jaxson was able to ride the pedal cars all by himself this year 🙂

Fun on the hay bales.

I took Holden down the slide and boy did I feel OLD afterwards!!  That slide shook every bone in my body.  I need to remember not to do that slide again.

A Trip To The Omaha Zoo

On Friday, Kris and I took my boys and Brady to the Omaha Zoo.  Of course we had a lot of fun and got exhausted in the process.  Jaxson’s favorites were the rhinos and tarantulas.  When I asked Brady what his favorite animal at the zoo was he said, "The dinosaurs!!" 

Here we go. . .

Jaxson liked this guy.

Holdie and I on the train.

Grandma with her boys on the train.

A goofball 🙂

Jaxson with one of his favorites. . . the rhino

They were pretty cool.

Holden and Brady liked them too.

This gorilla was pretty cool.  He just stared at Jaxson for the longest time and then Jaxson got in his face and when the gorilla moved side to side, Jaxson would do the same. 

Eating suckers and watching the penguins.

Jaxson enjoyed watching the sharks.

He fell asleep eating his sucker. 

Go Fly A Kite!

Boy was it windy last Thursday!  So what else do you do on a very windy day?  You fly your kite in the middle of the street.

Matt helping Holden fly the princess kite.

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