At Least The Boys Had a Fun Weekend

Last weekend my mom and Mike were so awesome to take the boys for us.  They had so much fun.  On Saturday, they went over to see Great Grandma and Aunt Wendy.  They then went to Ames to pick up Kade and Alexandria, then to Nevada for Kenneth’s 7th birthday party.  They had so much fun at the party.  All of them then headed back to Mom and Mike’s house for a big sleepover.  All of the kids did fabulous.  Mom then brought the boys back on Sunday morning and all we have heard since then from Holden is "Papa. . . Nana."  With the boys being gone, I of course worked all weekend and Brad did too.  Not only is he the supervisor at the hospital, but for now, he is also the manager.  So now he has a lot of jobs added to his daily "to do" list at work, on top of his current supervisor jobs, along with taking classes, and being a full time dad on the weekends.  So needless to say, this doesn’t give him much time to get much of anything done. So Brad went into work to do a bunch of annual evaluations and a few other things and got some homework done too. So all in all, it was a productive weekend for us and a fun one for the boys.


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