Can You Believe This Weather!

WOW, how crazy is this weather!  I’m sure we aren’t the only ones getting out into it and enjoying it while it lasts.

Jaxson and Riley enjoying the weather.

I gave them some ice cream and made them eat it outside. How crazy is that for the end of December!

Holden having fun at the park.

Hmmm. . . not quite sure what team he's rooting for.

Holden loving his burp rag. . . crazy kid!

Somebody got into the silly bands.




Having Fun On Break!

I thought Jaxson and I would be going crazy with him being off on Christmas break for almost three weeks, but much to my surprise, I enjoy it more than having him in school.  I LOVE not having to be anywhere at a certain time and having our days free to do whatever we want.  We’ve been filling our mornings with fun things. . . mostly playdates with friends and fun outings.

Brandy and I took the boys up to The Playground in Ankeny one morning. The five boys all had a blast! This is Benjamin, Jack, Jaxson, and Holden going down the slides.

Holden liked this the best. He doesn't care for any jumphouses; he'd rather climb.

Jaxson "shaving" in the bathtub.

Just a cute bath picture.

Holden playing with his Zhu Zhu pet that he got for Christmas.

Holdie getting caught up on some of his reading.

Merry Christmas!

We were able to celebrate Christmas morning at our house this year.  It was fun waking up early with Holden and anxiously waiting for Jaxson to wake up.  Holden didn’t really care about all of the presents under the tree, but of course Jaxson did.  They had a blast opening all of their gifts.  Later in the morning, Papa Steve came to hang out because Nana Kris had to work.  We just spent the rest of the day playing with all of the new stuff, napping, and watching football.  It was a nice, relaxing Christmas Day.

Jaxson checking out his stocking.

Jaxson likes his new Herky hat.


Santa brought Holdie a stroller for his baby.

We got Holden his own pair of boxing gloves.

Playing trains with Papa.

Jaxson read a few books to Holden.

My 3 bears.



Christmas Eve Festivities

I LOVE Christmas Eve!!  When I was a kid, our tradition was the same every year and I always looked forward to it.  We would all go to church and Tanya, Brandon, and I would perform in the kid’s Christmas program.  On our way out of the church, we would be excited to grab our goodie bag, which always had peanuts, an apple, an orange, a candy cane and some other things that I can’t remember now.  We would then go home and change right into our pajamas.  My dad usually had some chili ready on the stove.  We would scarf down our soup because we knew that when we were done, it was time to open our presents.  We would stay up for a little while enjoying our new toys and then it was off to bed because Santa was coming to leave stuff in our stockings.  The next morning we got up early to see what Santa had put in our stockings.  It was a great tradition and I look forward to having our own each Christmas with our kids.  This year we went to Christmas Eve worship on Christmas Eve Eve Eve (Thursday).  It was the first of nine services at our church and it’s the one that worked best for our schedule.  We were so excited because Latrice, Shane, Riley and Bryck also came with us to experience Hope for the first time.  It was a fabulous service and a great way to start off Christmas Eve.  Afterwards, we went our for pizza at Godfather’s.  On Christmas Eve, we just laid low and had a nice relaxing day.  Jaxson and I decorated our cookies and later on we delivered some to our neighbors.  It’s hard to believe that we were all outside with no coats on Christmas Eve; it was such a gorgeous day.  That evening we had to get ready for Santa.  Jaxson spread reindeer food on the front lawn so they could have a little snack on their long journey and of course we had to leave some cookies out for Santa.

The message for this year's service and something we all need to remember.

The nativity scene that included two real sheep.

Jaxson being a goof during Silent Night

Ahhhh. . . one of the best noises ever. . . John Cheatem!

Our masterpieces

These are for Santa.

Two little boys excited for Santa.

Jaxson and Miah putting out the reindeer food.


Making Cookies. . . Oh What A Mess!

I always look forward to making cookies for Santa with the kids, and halfway through it, I always ask myself why I look forward to it.

Jaxson and Miah ready to make some cookies.

Holden liked playing in the flour.


I Like My Combine

Merry Christmas!

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