Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know, it’s a little belated, but hey, better late than never right?  So our Thanksgiving started on Thanksgiving Eve when we traveled to Hubbard to spend the evening at my dad’s.  Brenda had made maidrites and a bunch of other yummy food for us to snack on.  We had a great time just hanging out and drinking some wine.  Later that night, Tanya and I took the kids out to Mom’s to get them to bed and everyone else went up to the bar.  From what I heard, they had a great time.  On Thanksgiving, my mom made a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving meal.  My grandma, Aunt Wendy, and Uncle Warren also came over to celebrate.  We ate until there was no more room and then we ate some more and of course watched some football.  We headed back home that evening since I had to work on Friday.  When I got off of work on Sat. morning, we headed up to Gowrie for our Cathcart Thanksgiving.  Kris also made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.  We had a great time just hanging out and relaxing.  The three boys had a blast playing together.  It’s so fun watching Jaxson and Brady play together because Brady is now at the age where they can really play together.  I think these three boys will cause quite the chaos at Papa and Nana’s house in the years to come 🙂  This Thanksgiving we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

How Jaxson travels

This is how Holden travels. When he runs out of room for his burp rags, he shoves them behind his head.

Boys being silly

Holden doing a little karaoke at Nana Pam's

Let the eating begin!

Kade and Jaxson filled some of Nana's holes with dirt.

Miss Alexandria

Meeting Brandon's horses

Brandon and Jess

The best way to explore the farm.

Uncle Andy and Jaxson hot tubbin'

Is the turkey ready yet?


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