Bowling With The Brauckmans

We went bowling last Thursday with the Brauckmans.  We had a great time and the kids did too.

Holdie aiming for a strike.

The 3 Musketeers. Jaxson wasn't feeling well. He ended up having croup and bilateral ear infections 😦

Jaxson going for a strike.

Just doing a little relaxing together.


Fun At The Science Center

We went to the Science Center yesterday with Brandy, Benji, and Gavin.  We haven’t been there in a long time and we had a great time.

Holdie, Gavin and Benjamin having fun at the Bubble Bay.

Jaxson trying to generate the most electricity.

Holden shooting off rockets.

Gavin, Holden and Brandy playing at the Ball Wall.

Four boys trying to take Jeriann's job.



Last week I drug all of my scrapbooking supplies out for the first time in about 5 1/2 years.  Yep, I haven’t done anything since Jaxson was born.  It was so fun and it felt so good to get back into it.  Jaxson even joined in on the scrapbooking fun.

Jaxson using the paper cutter to make his own craft.

Jaxson rounding his corners.

Jaxson's final product. He got a little crazy with the paper cutter and chopped off one side of his pumpkin.


Misc. of Holden


Holden's spot for reading his pile of books.

Holden occasionally likes to put himself in timeout.

"Oh Bryck, you want some of my yogurt? Here you go."


"Here's some more buddy."



It’s Puzzle Time

Putting the last pieces in the ball puzzle.

Here's our latest challenge. . . a ball puzzle. It was a lot of fun.

Holdie had to do his puzzles too.

Concentrating on his Legos.

Jaxson being silly putting his Legos together.


Fun In The Snow

Holdie did a little sledding.

Jaxson did a little shoveling.

Holden also wanted to swing . . . brrrrrr.

Jaxson thought that mowing the snow would be fun.

I think Holdie is getting cold.


Shootin’ Hoops

Jaxson and Holden are loving the basketball hoop that Holden got for his birthday from Brady.

Two points for Holden!

We've had to make it a little more challenging.


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