Holden At Two Years Old

Holden had his two year check up today and according to the pediatrician, “He’s perfect.”  He is now 34 inches tall and weighs 27 lbs. 2 oz, which puts him in the 40% for both.  Right after his dr. appointment, we headed straight to the dentist.  This was Holden’s first visit and it went OK.  He cried, but he did a good job.  He got an A+.  Jaxson, however, did not get an A+.  He has his first cavity, which the dentist told me it’s not from lack of brushing, it’s from the lack of enamel on that tooth.  So he told me it’s a “guilt free cavity.”  Ok, that makes me feel a little better, but it still stinks that he’s got a cavity.  Ok, back to Holden.  Holden’s favorites at two years old include the following, in no particular order. . . M&M’s, chocolate chips, Barney, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Row Row Row Your Boat,” playing with Amisha, his burp rags, monkey, and baby, playing chase, all of his papas and nanas, pizza, juice, milk, trains, taking baths, piggyback rides, cuddling in the recliner with Mommy, going on bike rides, playing ball, and playing outside.  His dislikes include:  vegetables, cutting his toenails, being told “no,” having his diaper changed, and Jaxson picking on him.


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