Random Stuff

My little helper. He can't be too far away from his burp rag of course.

Relaxing with some friends after a bath.

Jaxson is aging very fast 🙂

We got a beautiful snowfall this week.

We went out last night for Latrice's birthday. Had dinner at Dos Rios and then we conquered two boots at the Hessen Haus. We had a great time.


Showin’ Some Belly

Holden has this new thing with pulling his shirt up whenever the camera comes around.  It’s like a reaction for him.  Good thing he’s a boy 🙂

This is right after he woke up from his nap. Got the belly out of course 🙂

I convinced him to put his shirt down.

Just being silly.


Jaxson at 5 1/2

Jaxson is now 5 1/2 and he will be the first one to tell you.  He got to celebrate his 1/2 birthdy at school on Monday since he doesn’t get to celebrate his real birthday during the school year.  He chose to bring EL Fudge cookies, pretzels, and milk for birthday treats.  At 5 1/2 Jaxson is a silly kid.  When he grows up he wants to be a Power Ranger.  He even told me that when Brad and I left his bedroom one night, he prayed to God asking him to make him a Power Ranger when he’s bigger 🙂  He loves playing with his brother, doing puzzles, and going to school.  His most favorite thing right now is playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii with Brad.  They have fun talking strategy and conquering worlds together.  He has a language all his own.  He says the word “chicken” a lot. For example, he says, “Holden, you’re just the chickenest” or “Hi, chicken Mommy.”  I will admit, it drives me nuts, but it’s better than the potty talk that was before the chicken talk.  He enjoys playing chase, especially when Brad is chasing him around with a scary mask on.  He is tall, standing a hair short of four feet tall.  He is a good dancer and has “the moves like Jagger.”  He’s excited to go to Kindergarten in the fall, but he is still my baby 🙂

Uncle Brandon Has A Farm E-I-E-I-O

After I picked up the boys on Saturday morning from Dad and Brenda’s, we then went out to the farm. Holden was pretty excited because when I asked him if he wanted to go out to the farm he said, “Yeah! E-I-E-I-O!”   Brandon had a new puppy and some new calves to show us.

The boys with Brandon and Jess' new puppy, Hank.

The Hankster

Hank is giving Holden kisses.

Jaxson with a calf that was one day old.

Brandon, Jaxson, and Butch all in the tractor. Jaxson is sitting where I used to sit when I was a little girl and rode in the tractor with Dad and our dog, Rufus 🙂

Jaxson rode in the tractor with Uncle Brandon and "helped" him feed the cows.

Jaxson with his arm around Butch.


Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom’s birthday was on Sunday.  I took Jaxson and Holden back to Hubbard with me to help her celebrate (Brad stayed at home for a neuro conference).  We went up to the Hubbard bar on Friday night and had a great time.  The boys had a great time staying overnight at Papa Choo Choo’s house.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Valentine’s Day 2012


We had a fabulous Valentine’s Day here at the Cathcart house.  Jaxson was so excited about his Valentine’s party at school, in which he came home with a bunch of goodies from his friends.  He then got a surprise after school when Nana Pam came to pick him up.  She came down after lunch and stayed overnight with us.  We got to hang out in the afternoon and just have some girl talk, it was nice.  That evening, Brad took me out to eat at Christopher’s.  We had a fabulous Valentine’s dinner with some wine and pasta.  Brad spoiled me with a gift certificate for a pedicure and some Hawkeye tupperware.  I know, nothing says I love you more than Hawkeye tupperware 🙂  I love it!  Brad got some chocolates and some Hawkeye swimming trunks 🙂  A big thank you to Mom for coming down to spend time with us and to watch the boys.  We appreciate it!

Nana Pam made all of her grandkids a heart-shaped cake with strawberry frosting and their initial made out of red hots.

Playing a Valentine's song for Nana.

The boys got to spend time with their Valentine's too.

Holdie with his Valentine 🙂

Random Fun

Holdie doing a little painting.

Jaxson's masterpiece

Poor me. . . this is the cuteness I have to deal with everyday.

Mr. Squishyface

This is one of their favorite hiding spots. . . the bottom shelf in our master bath. Holden was hiding from Brad, who was running around the house with a scary mask on.

Brad took the boys to Backyard Adventures last Friday and took Jaxson's friend, Eli, with. Brad took the day off because I had to be at work all day learning our new computer system.

Watch out! Here I come!

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