The Souper Bowl

For the past six years or so, our church has held their own Souper Bowl.  Everyone is invited to bring in food items to donate that will go to the local food pantries.  The goal is to restock every single food pantry in central Iowa. . . and they usually accomplish it with 60 TONS of food.  This year the Cathcart family wanted to get involved with it more than by  just donating some food, so Brad, Jaxson and I went to the church this morning and helped sort the food.  It was almost overwhelming at first because their are mountains of food all over, you just don’t know where to start.  We all had a lot of fun and it was neat to see the amount of food that was there that is going to help so many people.

Jaxson standing in front of the big pile. This is probably just 10% of all of it.

Making the cereal pile a little bigger.

Jaxson and Daddy having a discussion over the pasta.

Got some peanut butter.

Half of the tables.

The other half.


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