Jaxson’s Preschool Conference

We had Jaxson’s conference today with his teacher.  She had all great things to say about him.  She did say that she can tell he is getting bored with preschool because everything that they do is too easy for him.  She has seen him lose some interest in the past couple of months in doing some projects because it is just boring to him, but he still LOVES being there.  She said that he would rather be sitting and talking with his friends or his teachers.  She laughs at his conversations that he has with his friends because they are so grown up.  She said that he belongs in a coffee shop.  She sees this with the older kids usually and it’s a good thing because it means that he is so ready for kindergarten.  She also thinks that Jaxson is a very considerate and compassionate boy who cares very much for his friends. She also said that if you ask all of the kids who their friend at preschool is, they all say “Jaxson” first.  Wow!  Why can’t he be this fabulous kid at home?  She also pointed out how good he is at puzzles.  She informed us that if a classmate is having trouble with a puzzle, she will often ask Jaxson to help them out.  She wasn’t surprised when I told her that we are on to 550 piece puzzles now.  For Kindergarten, we are supposed to work on beginning sounds and writing words.  That will be our homework over the summer I guess.


Paging Dr. Cathcart

Holden’s new favorite thing is to play “docto” especially when Amisha comes over.  They get the Cookie Monstor stethoscope and head for the stairs.  They take turns being the patient laying on the stairs while the other is the dr. and listens with the stethoscope 🙂

That's my boy. . . checking for bowel sounds.

A Day In Gowrie

Today, the boys and I went up to Gowrie for the day.  We went on a walk/bike ride and ended up at the park for a while.  Holden had a blast going down the big slide about 20 times and Jaxson had fun looking for worms.  He ended up having quite the pile of worms in Holden’s bike bucket.  He gave them to Papa to use when he goes fishing.  We also got to play in the hot tub.  Holden got in it for the first time and loved it.  I had to talk him into getting out after an hour or so.  Jaxson got to go on a little motorcycle ride with Papa and thought that was really cool.  It was a very fun day and it left the boys exhausted 🙂

Racing cars around the race track.

Helping Nana make Jello cake.

Ready to go on our walk/bike ride with his new, bigger bike.

Going down the big slide.

Digging for more worms at the park.

Got some worms!

More worms

Playing in the hot tub.


The Botanical Center & Riverwalk Bridge

Today I took the kids to the Botanical Center for the first time.  It was a lot of fun.  They had fun activites for kids going on since it was spring break.  We did the scavenger hunt and painted some flower pots to bring home.  Holden loved the Botanical Center, he kept saying “more.”  After the Botanical Center we stopped at the Riverwalk pedestrian bridge.  That was pretty cool too; however, Holden wanted me to carry him the whole time.  I think he started running a fever and wasn’t feeling well 😦

At the Botanical Center

Happy 1st day of Spring!

Working on the scavenger hunt.

Holden's favorite thing was standing on the bridges and looking at the fish and turtles.

This dude is almost potty trained 🙂 He went on our excursion today diaper free and stayed dry!!

On the Riverwalk Bridge looking out at the Des Moines River.

Jaxson and Miah getting a closer look at the river.





Let Spring Break Begin!

I am excited for Spring Break this year with nothing on our schedule; therefore, we are going to do what we want, when we want (weather pending).  We have started our Spring Break by just playing outside and enjoying this beautiful weather and taking a picnic lunch to Raccoon River Park .

Jaxson getting the lawn bags ready for some yard work.

Just doing some raking.

Doing the swivel monkey bars.


Peter Parker at the top of his web.

Holden had fun with Daddy chasing him.

He conquered the monkey bars.

Gorgeous Weather!

WOW!  Isn’t this weather just wonderful?!  We got outside today to enjoy it for sure.  I’m excited for spring break next week and trying to plan some fun activities.  So far the ideas are a bike ride and picnic at the high trestle bridge, zoo – probably Des Moines but possibly Omaha, Gray’s Lake, Raccoon River Park . . . ohh the possibilites are endless with beautiful weather like this.

Having fun outside.

Having fun climbing trees.

Our New Living Room!

After a long time of thinking about re-doing our living room, I finally did it.  We hired Zeigler Paint, a husband of a longtime friend of Brad’s, to do all of the painting.  Our old living room, stairs,  upstairs hall and laundry area were a cream color and we had an accent wall of burgundy/wine in the living room.  We went with a dark brown accent wall and lighter brown throughout the rest of the living room and upstairs.  I love it!!  It has made our house look warm and cozy.

This is the wall stencil that we have in our entryway. I made the frame to put around it and I have to say that it turned out much better than I thought it would and it only took two trips to Lowe's 🙂

Our new living room.

Holden helping clean up the mess.



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