A Missing Tooth!

Jaxson lost his first tooth!!!  It has been loose for a couple weeks now and these last couple of days it has just been dangling there and I’ve been trying to pull it out, but it just wouldn’t budge.  So he went to a friend’s birthday party on Sat. morning and he came home and it was gone.  He hadn’t even realized it was gone until I pointed it out.  He then remembered that when he ate a Laffy Taffy, he heard something. . . so we are guessing that he swallowed it down with the Laffy Taffy 🙂

It's hard to tell that it's gone because the other tooth is already coming up.

Somebody is happy the tooth fairy will be coming.



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  1. Brandy
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 20:21:35

    Ahh!!! Did you tell him a tooth tree is going to grow in his tummy now?! 🙂 I bet he was super excited to leave it for the tooth fairy. What did she (he?) leave for him?


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