A Day In Gowrie

Today, the boys and I went up to Gowrie for the day.  We went on a walk/bike ride and ended up at the park for a while.  Holden had a blast going down the big slide about 20 times and Jaxson had fun looking for worms.  He ended up having quite the pile of worms in Holden’s bike bucket.  He gave them to Papa to use when he goes fishing.  We also got to play in the hot tub.  Holden got in it for the first time and loved it.  I had to talk him into getting out after an hour or so.  Jaxson got to go on a little motorcycle ride with Papa and thought that was really cool.  It was a very fun day and it left the boys exhausted 🙂

Racing cars around the race track.

Helping Nana make Jello cake.

Ready to go on our walk/bike ride with his new, bigger bike.

Going down the big slide.

Digging for more worms at the park.

Got some worms!

More worms

Playing in the hot tub.



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