Aunt Wendy’s Surgery & Photos By Holden

Aunt Wendy had a planned abdominal surgery yesterday and it went very well.  So to brighten her day, we went up to visit her lastnight in the hospital.  I think the boys ended up causing her some pain by making her laugh.  Sorry Aunt Wendy and we are glad you are doing so well.  We love you!

Holden kept himself busy by taking pictures. Of course we can't take Brad and Jaxson anywhere without them wrestling or fighting in some form.

Holden got a picture of Aunt Wendy.

Not sure if he was trying to get me or Aunt Wendy's pretty flowers.

Jaxson said, "Hey Holden, take a picture of this!"

Nana with her boys.

Jaxson wanted me to take a picture of him looking cool. . . not so sure he pulled it off 🙂

Jaxson made Aunt Wendy feel better 🙂



A Little Of This, A Little Of That

We are pretty sure Holden is going to be a bartender when he gets older. He LOVES to pour his drinks from one cup to the next.

Holden and I made cookies 🙂

Brad took Friday off last week so we took the boys to Pump It Up. Fun was had by all!

We had fun playing basketball.

The slides were fun for all of us 🙂

Holden LOVED the obstacle course and could do it all by himself.

The boys have been enjoying cookies and lemonade in the afternoons outside.

This is a typical afternoon in our front yard. We usually have anywhere from 2-8 kids playing at our house every afternoon.



Rainy/Sick Day

Last Friday we had a rainy/sick day. Jaxson wasn’t feeling well so we just laid low.   It was the perfect day to stay home in our pajamas until 1:00. . . and that we did 🙂

Of course we had to get the Play-Doh out.

Holdie made some "food."

Little sick boy working on his 400 piece puzzle.



Kindergarten Round-Up & Storytime

Wow, I can’t believe I’m talking about Kindergarten round-up!  I can’t believe the time has almost come for us to send our baby off to school.  It just seems like yesterday we were preparing for him to make his arrival and we were bringing him home from the hospital.  I’m not sad about him going to school because he is so excited and ready.  Brad and I got to go to round-up at Westridge a couple weeks ago and check out the school, meet the Kindergarten teachers and several other staff members.  It’s a very nice school and the staff seem wonderful.  Then last week, I took Jaxson for a storytime that they were having special for just the incoming Kindergarteners.  They took the kids into a room and the parents got to go to another room to listen to more staff members talk and have a little Q&A session.  Jaxson said that they read a book with one of the teachers, made a craft and had cookies.  He loved it of course and we found out that one of his buddies from preschool will also be in his class.  We are excited for the start of his journey 🙂

Mason Andrew Cathcart

We have a new nephew!!  Mason was born this morning.  He weighs 7 lbs 7 oz and is 19 in. long.  Mindy and baby Mason are doing great.  He is very cute and his big brother Brady thinks so too 🙂

A Blue Jean Birthday Bash

Our friend Chad had his 35th birthday party tonight and it was a blue jean birthday bash and fundraiser for his next campaign.  It was at Schade Creek Winery in Waukee, which was beautiful.  We had some fabulous wine and some great BBQ.  There were also some big names like Secretary of State Matt Schultz, Congressman Tom Latham, and former Governor of Minnesota and Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty (T-Paw).   We had a nice time and enjoyed the beautiful night with some wonderful friends.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz

Congressman Tom Latham

Tim Pawlenty

Old friends - Jason and Brandy McArtor, Brad and me, Jodi and Chad Airhart

The poster we got to bring home with all of their autographs addressed to Jaxson. He'll think it's pretty cool because he still says "Vote for Chadie" every now and then 🙂


Decorating Easter Eggs

Ok, I know it’s after Easter, but we didn’t get a chance to decorate Easter eggs before Easter, so why not do it a few days after?

Holden loved it and boy did he make a mess 🙂

The final "artwork."


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