Kindergarten Round-Up & Storytime

Wow, I can’t believe I’m talking about Kindergarten round-up!  I can’t believe the time has almost come for us to send our baby off to school.  It just seems like yesterday we were preparing for him to make his arrival and we were bringing him home from the hospital.  I’m not sad about him going to school because he is so excited and ready.  Brad and I got to go to round-up at Westridge a couple weeks ago and check out the school, meet the Kindergarten teachers and several other staff members.  It’s a very nice school and the staff seem wonderful.  Then last week, I took Jaxson for a storytime that they were having special for just the incoming Kindergarteners.  They took the kids into a room and the parents got to go to another room to listen to more staff members talk and have a little Q&A session.  Jaxson said that they read a book with one of the teachers, made a craft and had cookies.  He loved it of course and we found out that one of his buddies from preschool will also be in his class.  We are excited for the start of his journey 🙂


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