A Party Weekend

Our party weekend started off on Saturday afternoon when we celebrated our friend, Bryck’s, 2nd birthday.  The kids had a great time playing in the sprinkler and the pool and filling up on cupcakes.  After Bryck’s party, we then went to a graduation party.  Our next door neighbor, Andrew, graduated from Valley this weekend so we had to help him celebrate.  On Sunday we went up to Hubbard so that we could go to a party at the Dubberke farm.  Jill’s brother, Ryan, got married a few weeks ago in Illinois and was having a reception at their family farm.  It was wonderful seeing Jill and her family and a lot of other Hubbard people that I haven’t seen in a long time.  Brad and Jaxson stayed busy playing touch football with several other kids.  It was a such a nice weekend with family and friends, but we are looking forward to some cooler temps this week 🙂

Happy Birthday Bryckie!!!

Mmmm. . . cupcakes

We spent the night at Nana Pam’s Sunday night and helped her with some yardwork while we were there. It was just a little windy 🙂

Alexandria was also staying at Nana’s. They had fun playing Guess Who.

My boys at the Dubberke farm.


Best friends for . . . a very long time 🙂

Best friends for 30 years. . . oh boy Jill, we are getting old 🙂


Rainy Day Fun

Friday ended up being a rainy day so Brandy, Matt, Ann, and I took our kids to Backyard Adventures for some indoor fun.

Benjamin, Jack and Jaxson having fun on the tire swing.

Holdie liked swinging from the bars.

Gavin and Holden had fun playing on the slides.

A Day In Gowrie

On Tuesday, we spent the day in Gowrie to spend some time with Nels and Cindy (family friends) who were back from North Carolina for a brief visit.  We had a very nice time and enjoyed the beautiful day, spending most of it outside.

The boys had a water fight in the hot tub.

Holdie sitting on his perch in the hot tub.

Just relaxin’

Holdie had to help Nana water flowers.

Kris, Cindy and I just enjoying being outside.

Fillin’ up the car with gas.

Jaxson and Brad shot hoops at Papa and Nana’s new BB hoop.




School Picnic

Yesterday, Jaxson had his end of the year picnic with his preschool class.  It was at a park close to our house, so we rode our bikes and packed a picnic lunch.  All of the kids had a great time playing together and it was a nice chance to say good bye to everyone 😦

Jaxson’s class

Jaxson with two of his buddies, Beau and Pete.

Jaxson and his very good friend Emma 🙂

Mrs. Hill (Jaxson’s teacher), Jan Hoyt (preschool director) and Mrs. Rich (teacher’s assistant). We just loved these ladies and appreciate all that they do.

Jaxson’s Preschool Graduation

Jaxson graduated from New Horizon’s Preschool lastnight at Lutheran Church of Hope and boy was it cute.  They sang several songs, my favorites were the rapping version of “Wheels on the Bus” and the Grandpa song (a very cute tribute to all of the Grandpas).  Jaxson said his favorite song was “Stand on the Rock.”  After all of their cute songs, they left the stage to put on their caps and gowns.  To keep all of the family entertained while the kids were getting ready, the preschool director gave a nice speech that made us laugh and cry.  They also showed a video that included all of the graduating kiddos that caught a smile from each one of them.  Jaxson was so blessed to have most of his family there to watch him.  Nana Pam, Papa Steve and Nana Kris, Papa and Nana Brenda, Andy, Mindy and the boys, and Aunt Jess were all there to support him and it meant the world to him 🙂  After the program, we all got to enjoy cookies and lemonade with the graduates.  What a special evening!

Jaxson with his buddy, Eli from preschool last year. Eli just had surgery on his arm and we are so glad that he was able to make it to graduation.

They sang a couple of chicken songs 🙂

Here comes the class of 2012.


Just Chillin’

Mother’s Day 2012

What a gorgeous Mother’s Day it was!  I hope all of you had a beautiful day as a mother or with your mother.  I was blessed to have spent the day with my boys, my mother and my mother-in-law.  We started our day by all going to Hope for church.  After a wonderful service we went to dinner at Gino’s at West Glen and had some wonderful food.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Kris! We love you!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  We love you!

The boys tired of taking pictures already.

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