Jaxson’s Preschool Graduation

Jaxson graduated from New Horizon’s Preschool lastnight at Lutheran Church of Hope and boy was it cute.  They sang several songs, my favorites were the rapping version of “Wheels on the Bus” and the Grandpa song (a very cute tribute to all of the Grandpas).  Jaxson said his favorite song was “Stand on the Rock.”  After all of their cute songs, they left the stage to put on their caps and gowns.  To keep all of the family entertained while the kids were getting ready, the preschool director gave a nice speech that made us laugh and cry.  They also showed a video that included all of the graduating kiddos that caught a smile from each one of them.  Jaxson was so blessed to have most of his family there to watch him.  Nana Pam, Papa Steve and Nana Kris, Papa and Nana Brenda, Andy, Mindy and the boys, and Aunt Jess were all there to support him and it meant the world to him 🙂  After the program, we all got to enjoy cookies and lemonade with the graduates.  What a special evening!

Jaxson with his buddy, Eli from preschool last year. Eli just had surgery on his arm and we are so glad that he was able to make it to graduation.

They sang a couple of chicken songs 🙂

Here comes the class of 2012.



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