Sis Has An Announcement

Alexandria came over on Tuesday afternoon so that her mommy could go to her first OB appointment.  Yep, that’s right!  Alexandria is going to be a big sister in January!  So we had some fun with Sis while she was at our house.

Having a fun time swinging.

Holdie started to pedal the trike all by himself.



Big Boy Bed

Brad and I decided to get Holden out of his crib and into a big boy bed this weekend.  He has been so excited about it and was no problem getting him down to nap and bed last night.  At naptime today he was a little more trouble for me, but ended up falling asleep in his bed.

Someone’s excited about his new bed.

And he’s out.



Omaha Zoo

On Friday, ten of us made a trip to the Omaha Zoo.  It was Mom, Mike, Aunt Wendy, Tanya, Heath, Kade, Alexandria, Jaxson, Holden, and me.  Brad had to stay back to work. . . booooo.  It was Mom, Mike and Aunt Wendy’s first time at the zoo, which was exciting.  We all had a great and exhausting time.  Jaxson said his favorite part was riding the train and Holden’s favorite was the ice cream 🙂

The kids liked this little monkey. He came right up to Holden and Alexandria at the window.

This gorilla just sat there and watched all of the commotion about him.

These were come pretty cool colobus monkies. Imagine having that hair.

Enjoying a snack.

Having fun with Aunt Wendy.

Aunt Wendy really liked the aquarium tunnel.

This was a very large turtle in the aquarium tunnel.

Having fun riding the train.

The rhinos are always cool.

Crossing the bridge in the rainforest.

S’mores Please

On Thursday night it cooled off enough that we were able to have our first fire in the firepit and roast some marshmallows for s’mores. . . yummy.

Holdie liked the fire.

Mmm. . . Mmm. . . good

The neighbors enjoyed some s’mores too.



Bowling Fun

On Thursday, Latrice and I took the kids bowling and we had a great time.  We signed the kids up for free bowling all summer long at Warrior Lanes in Waukee.  We plan on taking full advantage of that!

“Oh man, I didn’t get a strike.”

Isn’t he just too cute in his little bowling shoes.

This little dude knows just how to do it.






It’s Hot!!

Miah wanted a picture with Jaxson, but he did not want to have any part of it 🙂

And he’s still not up for it.

Ears Update

We went and saw Dr. Schulte our ENT last week and he was very impressed with Jaxson’s hearing loss.  He said that if that was him or me, we would be wanting hearing aids.  The good news is that he said his hearing will be restored immediately when he makes the cut in his eardrum and cleans out all of the fluid.  He is also going to take out his adenoids.  The adenoids are like tonsils but they are located in the back of the nose.  They can put pressure on the eustachian tube at times, which contributes to the fluid being caught in his ears, which leads to the ear infections and hearing loss.  He is pretty confident that this will be his last set of tubes. . . let’s hope 🙂 So his surgery is scheduled for July 3rd.  Just in time to hear the fireworks 🙂

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