A Day In Hubbard

On Wednesday, the boys and I went up to Hubbard to spend some more time with Jill and her kiddos.  Before going to the Dubberke farm, we spent some time on the Winter farm.  The boys had a blast riding and driving Uncle Brandon’s tractor.  I think Holden would have done that all day if we would have let him. Then it was on to the Dubberke farm before heading up to the pool.  We all had a great time at the pool.  Jaxson loved shooting hoops, Holden loved eating all of the candy, and Julia and Cal were happy as clams floating in their pool floaties.  After the pool we went over to Eldora to see Grandma, my mom, Aunt Patty and Aunt Wendy. We enjoyed a wonderful supper with them.  When I left Eldora I had every intention of heading straight home because I thought for sure that the boys would be asleep before getting out of Eldora, but I was sure wrong.  We got to Hubbard and they were wide awake and so giggly so I thought that we might as well stop in and see Papa Choo Choo.  The boys got to eat some more at Papa and Nanas and also play with Casper.  Then it was on to home after a fun day trip.

Holden had fun at the pool with Nana Brenda and ate all of her pool treats.

We had fun at Great Grandma’s too.


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