Hodge Podge

Summer break is in full swing at our house!  Jaxson spends a good part of his days playing with his friends and Holden spends his days just trying to keep up with them.  Brad and I have been spending our spare time planning and designing our new kitchen and addition, which should start sometime this summer/fall.  Jaxson will most likely have to get another set of tubes put in sometime soon.  I took him to an audiologist last week to have his hearing tested.  Brad and I have noticed for several months now that his hearing has gradually worsened.  He says “what” all of the time.  He talks quite loudly and he is not hearing sounds like someone knocking on the door or even the doorbell.  I feel like I live with my grandpa with having to speak loudly and having to enunciate everything.  We knew several months ago that he had some fluid in his ears, but it should be gone by now, but it’s not.  After failing the three different tests with the audiologist, she concluded that he has mild to moderate hearing loss most likely due to the fluid in his ears.  So we will be seeing our ENT on Thursday and are praying that just a set of tubes will be the cure. In the meantime we are going to soak up the sun while we can and have fun 🙂

Alexandria came over a couple weeks ago. They were enjoying popsicles together 🙂

Holden still loves to “wee”


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