Happy Daddy’s Day

Brad celebrated Father’s Day by taking the boys up to Gowrie to spend the day with his dad.  They had fun playing in the hot tub and pool, listening to the trains go by Papa and Nana’s house, and playing and chasing each other with the mask.  We celebrated Father’s Day on Monday when we could all be together.  The boys and I got Brad a fire pit so we can roast some marshmallows for s’mores.  Needless to say, we did not get to enjoy any s’mores last night with it being in the 90’s.  I think we will wait until it cools off a little more 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Ready for some marshmallows!

So we went outside for 1 picture with the firepit and of course it turned into a big ol’ water fight right before bedtime 🙂



Heart Walk

On Saturday all four of us did the Heart Walk at the Capitol to help raise awareness about heart disease.  We had a lot of fun and we had gorgeous weather.  Ann, Miah, and Amisha also did the walk so we had fun walking and talking with them.

Our CEO, Eric Crowell, made a bet that if Iowa Health Des Moines could get 400 walkers, then he would wear a red tutu. We got 650, so here he is doing a little dance in his tutu.


Rainy Day Fun

We got a pretty good downpour on Friday, so of course we had to go outside and check it out.  Jaxson and Riley started out by playing in the rain with the umbrellas and then we decided that they better just put their swimming trunks on.

I told them to show me their best moves.

Luckily it didn’t hail.

A little brotherly love moment 🙂

Hodge Podge

Summer break is in full swing at our house!  Jaxson spends a good part of his days playing with his friends and Holden spends his days just trying to keep up with them.  Brad and I have been spending our spare time planning and designing our new kitchen and addition, which should start sometime this summer/fall.  Jaxson will most likely have to get another set of tubes put in sometime soon.  I took him to an audiologist last week to have his hearing tested.  Brad and I have noticed for several months now that his hearing has gradually worsened.  He says “what” all of the time.  He talks quite loudly and he is not hearing sounds like someone knocking on the door or even the doorbell.  I feel like I live with my grandpa with having to speak loudly and having to enunciate everything.  We knew several months ago that he had some fluid in his ears, but it should be gone by now, but it’s not.  After failing the three different tests with the audiologist, she concluded that he has mild to moderate hearing loss most likely due to the fluid in his ears.  So we will be seeing our ENT on Thursday and are praying that just a set of tubes will be the cure. In the meantime we are going to soak up the sun while we can and have fun 🙂

Alexandria came over a couple weeks ago. They were enjoying popsicles together 🙂

Holden still loves to “wee”

Hubbard Days 2012

On Saturday we made another trip back to Hubbard for the annual Hubbard Days celebration.  We got to see the parade and we got more than enough candy to fill up our candy bowl.  Jaxson participated in the kiddie tractor pull.  He ended up getting 3rd place in his age group.  We ate some lunch, jumped in the jumphouse and headed back home so that I could work the weekend 🙂

The kids are ready for the parade to start.

Of course Holdie had to get some cuddle time in with Nana.

Just watchin’ the parade.

Jaxson figured out if he waves he usually gets more candy thrown at him.

Uncle Randy drove his restored tractor in the parade.

Daddy and Holden waiting for more candy.

The Mains made it to Hubbard Days too.

Jaxson participated in the kiddie tractor pull and got 3rd place.


A Day In Hubbard

On Wednesday, the boys and I went up to Hubbard to spend some more time with Jill and her kiddos.  Before going to the Dubberke farm, we spent some time on the Winter farm.  The boys had a blast riding and driving Uncle Brandon’s tractor.  I think Holden would have done that all day if we would have let him. Then it was on to the Dubberke farm before heading up to the pool.  We all had a great time at the pool.  Jaxson loved shooting hoops, Holden loved eating all of the candy, and Julia and Cal were happy as clams floating in their pool floaties.  After the pool we went over to Eldora to see Grandma, my mom, Aunt Patty and Aunt Wendy. We enjoyed a wonderful supper with them.  When I left Eldora I had every intention of heading straight home because I thought for sure that the boys would be asleep before getting out of Eldora, but I was sure wrong.  We got to Hubbard and they were wide awake and so giggly so I thought that we might as well stop in and see Papa Choo Choo.  The boys got to eat some more at Papa and Nanas and also play with Casper.  Then it was on to home after a fun day trip.

Holden had fun at the pool with Nana Brenda and ate all of her pool treats.

We had fun at Great Grandma’s too.

Iowa Barnstormers

On Friday night our friend Chad had some extra Barnstormers tickets so he invited us to go with him 🙂  Brad has been to a game before, back in the Kurt Warner days, but the boys and I have never been, so we were excited.  We had a great time and we lasted through the whole game and got to watch them pull off a victory, which I guess is hard to come by this season.  It was very fast paced and action packed.  Jaxson really enjoyed the game and he also enjoyed pulling out his best dance moves to try to get on the jumbotron.  Much to his dismay, he didn’t make it on, but he did thoroughly entertain all of the people around us 🙂

Holden enjoyed sitting in the aisle.

Somebody’s having fun 🙂


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