Mason’s Baptism

Our nephew, Mason, was baptized on Sunday morning. We got a bonus treat when we got to watch Brady sing his VBS songs at the beginning of the service. . . it was too cute.   After the service we went back to Andy and Mindy’s house for a wonderful lunch and for some playtime.

Mason’s big moment.

The best way to eat cake and ice cream.



Taste Of Hope

Taste of Hope is the big party that the church has once VBS is over.  It is a HUGE Jesus party that is a lot of fun.  Usually they end the night with some fabulous fireworks, but not this year with it being so dry.  So this year they ended the night with a performance by the Isiserettes, which was wonderful.

The kids got to perform some of their VBS songs at worship.

Holden and I stayed entertained while waiting in a bounce house line by having a silly photo shoot.

Jaxson and Riley goofing off.

Jaxson had fun having a water balloon fight.

Holden’s favorite thing was the petting zoo.

Oh boy, he’s a heavy one. Holden wanted to pick him up and hold him.

The Isiserettes







Game On With Jesus

Last week the boys and I had VBS.  The theme this year was video games, mostly Mario and Luigi, so it was Game On With Jesus.  Of course Jaxson just loved that since he is quite a fan of Mario’s.  This year Hope had over 5,500 kids and over 1,000 volunteers. . . yep, you guessed it, it’s organized chaos.  I was Jaxson’s shepherd (teacher) this year and loved it; I think he did too 🙂  We had 20 kindergartners in our section.  I had one other mom who also was a shepherd and we had five junior shepherds (middle schoolers) that were a huge help. So with all of us we were able to herd our flock . . . most of the time.  While Jaxson and I were having fun doing our activities, Holden was in the nursery having just as much fun.  The girls in the nursery would take him to the opening and closing ceremonies each day so he got to hear all of the music and dance, he did crafts, and had snacks.  He was beaming each day when I picked him up and he was so excited to go back the next morning.  The staff at Hope once again went above and beyond for the kids.  The skits that they put on each day were fabulous.  They were very entertaining and had a great lesson.  It’s so fun to hear Jaxson talk about and sing songs about Gideon, Joshua, and Jericho.  We feel so blessed to belong to such a wonderful, loving, and fun Christ-centered church with the mission of making heaven more crowded 🙂

We got all of our sheep herded together and ready to head to snack time.

Sunny snack time

Fun at rec.

Jaxson loves to hula hoop.

I had to give it a shot too.

Music time

Excited for the skit to start.

Skit time

Rockin’ out with Jesus at closing.










Cute Pix

Fun in the bath.

Holden watching a movie with his “sister” after naptime.

Special Visitors

My dear friend Erika and two of her kids came and visited us on Sunday.  They are in Iowa for a couple weeks before returning to Austin, TX.  We had such a nice time visiting and Jaxson, Barrett, Evie and Holden had a great time playing together.

Barrett and Jaxson get to see each other once a year and are still good buddies.

Me and Erika

Holden (2 1/2), Evie (almost 4), Barrett (6) and Jaxson (almost 6)

Bubble Boy

Holden’s new favorite thing is bubbles. . .

Ugh. . . It’s Hot!

I know everyone is sick and tired of this heat like we are.  We’ve been praying for rain every night, but I guess God had a different plan for Iowa right now, but we will keep on Him.  So with this heat, we just have to make the best of it.

Holden loves to run through the sprinklers.

Jaxson loves going down the waterslides.

Mr. Oreo

Jaxson’s first time going off the drop slide, as he calls it.

Jaxson’s first time going off the diving board in the 13ft deep end. He did great and probably did it 15 more times.





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