July 4th In Gowrie

Every year we go  back to Gowrie for their annual 4th of July celebration.  We went back on the 3rd this year following Jaxson’s surgery.  Andy, Mindy and the boys got there shortly after us.  My mom also came that afternoon.  With Mike being on the road, she thought that she might as well come over and have some fun with us.  We hung out at Steve and Kris’ house the rest of the day and enjoyed a wonderful supper with Carl and Lisa too.  After getting all of the kiddos to bed, Brad and I went out to the Country Club for some drinks with Ben, Tina, Jen, and Tanner.  Oh boy, did we have a blast.  It was just us out there so we thought that we would fire up the karaoke machine.  We had a great time singing and dancing.  Let’s just say that I was able to get up in the morning with the kids and enjoy the day and Brad was not 😦  On the 4th, we headed up town to the parade, which was great.  It was getting pretty steamy towards the end of it, but the kids were having a ball.  After naps, we went up to the park to the carnival.  Jaxson only rode on a few rides then decided that he better go back to Papa and Nana’s to take a nap, his neck was hurting too bad.  Brady and Holden sure had a blast though.  That evening, we made s’mores over a fire and then watched the fireworks, which were wonderful.

Holden LOVES to hold Mason.

Holden and Nana Pam having a special moment.

Nana Pam with the boys.

Holden loves when Papa reads to him.

Andy, Mindy, Brady and Mason

Brad was not available for pictures.

Mason’s 1st 4th of July.

Waiting for the parade to start.

He loved the carousel.

Having fun on the roller coaster.

Having fun on the ferris wheel.

Jaxson going down the big slide.

Andy and Brady going down the slide.

Brad’s first appearance for the day at 7:30 pm.

The hot tub felt good on Jaxson’s neck.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.


Holden and Nana watching the fireworks.

Holden and Brady had fun playing cars together.

Nana with two of her boys.

Holden made the front page of the Fort Dodge paper the next morning.



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