Holden At 2 1/2

Holden is now 2 1/2 and what a funny kid he is.  He is just a tad over 3 ft tall and weighs 30 lbs.  He loves his burp rags, but it has to be the plain white ones, those are his favorites.  He loves playing with water, whether it be in the sink, bathtub, at the pool, or outside with the hose, especially when he can squirt his brother and his friends.  That’s what makes him very happy 🙂  We love how he talks, especially when he talks to Jaxson.  He calls him “bebay” for brother.  We also LOVE how he prays at night.  It goes a little something like this, “Dear Jesus, tee too (thank you) for papas, nanas, mommy, daddy, and bebe and me, amen.”  It usually takes a few minutes to get through it because he keeps his eyes open while the rest of us have to have ours shut and if we dare peak, he says, “Tose eyes!” (Close eyes) and then starts all over again.  Very rarely do we get through it without laughing because it is too cute.  We also love how cuddly he is.  First thing in the morning we have to sit in our special spot in the chair for about 1/2 hr.  He also LOVES to give and receive hugs and kisses throughout the day and has to rock for a little bit before going to bed at night.  I also don’t mind that he is a mama’s boy.  We also appreciate that he is almost 100% potty trained.  He is trained for daytime and pretty much at naptime, but still working on overnight and he is 100% trained for #2!!!  He also LOVES to pee outside, which is actually pretty handy 🙂 His best friend right now is AB (Amisha) and of course is pretty fond of Jaxson and Miah too.  His favorite foods are fruit, chicken and rice casserole, pizza, quesadillas, steak, spaghetti, corn, hot dogs, fish crackers, any and all candy or “dee dee” as he calls it, ice cream, milk, juice and popsicles.  He has a few nicknames: Holdie, Punkie, and Chicken (Jaxson’s name for him). So that is our “baby” in a nutshell and we love him to pieces 🙂

Holdie’s shiner that he got from running and falling on the sidewalk.


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