We took the boys to Adventureland today and we had a great time.  This was Holden’s first time and he had a ball.  He said his favorite ride was the boats.  Jaxson got to enjoy all of the big boy rides with Daddy.  Jaxson loves the Log Ride, Raging River and the Outlaw.  We also had a great time at the water park.  Late in the afternoon as we were heading out of the park with one more stop at the train, per Holden’s request, we noticed it was getting quite dark.  We hurried to the train, got on, and not even five minutes into the ride the storm hit.  The sirens were going off and an Adventureland employee met us on the train tracks to tell us when we get back to the train depot that we all need to get into the Palace Theatre.  So we hurry off of the train and are told to run to the Theatre because a tornado is coming (come to find out later there was no tornado, it was just high winds), but still scary.  So looking at the Theatre, we saw that it was already full.  Brad and I look at each other and decide to try to get to our car (no, not the smartest idea, but somewhat panicking).  So we take off and figure out that we aren’t going to get far at all because of the very heavy rain and the 70 mph winds.  We ended up taking cover in the brick entrance tunnel to the park, which was probably safer than the Palace Theatre anyways.  We huddled together in the tunnel for about 15 minutes with our beach towels wrapped around us to stay warm.  Holden must have been nice and cozy because that’s where he took his nap.  We swam our way to the van while it was still lightly raining and got to see the damage with limbs and signs down.  What a memorable day!

Our first attempt at riding the train. We got on and got off after an air leak was discovered. Holden was pretty disappointed.

Jaxson was insistant on riding the balloons by himself.

Waiting to see Daddy and Jaxson on the Raging River.

Having fun on the Log Ride.

Front row on the Outlaw.

Excited about his treat at the pool.







1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brandy
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 22:34:35

    Holden napped through the storm?! Ha ha ha!!!!


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