State Fair 2012

The boys and I went to the State Fair yesterday.  Our reason for going to the fair was a very special one.  My nephew, Kade, was being awarded the Governor’s Lifesaving Award.  He was nominated by Heath and Tanya after he helped to save Heath’s life when he was being electrocuted by a jackhammer.  Kade was there with him and went and unplugged the jackhammer from the house and called 911.  Kade was the youngest recipient of the award. There were 17 other people that received the award and it was neat to hear all of the other stories.  After the award ceremony we walked around the fair for a while and enjoyed some of the fair food 🙂

Kade receiving his award from the Governor.

Kade being interviewed by Channel 8.

The whole Main gang.

We visited Anita and her cows. Anita is a nurse that works with Mom and a good friend.

Jaxson had to do this pig puzzle.

A large elk with a very big rack.

Holden liked the big boar.

Farmer Jaxson

Farmer Holden

Pretty cute wearing Nana’s sunglasses.

We watched the BMX show.

One BIG pumpkin

Mmmm. . . an ice cream treat.

Little Hands on the Farm planting their vegetables.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brandy
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 22:32:08

    That is just so awesome about Kade! What an honor. And since when do they have elk at the State Fair??!


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