Jaxson At 6 Years Old

Jaxson, at 6 years old you stand 4 ft 1 in. and weigh 57 lbs.   Yep, you are big and you are very excited to be taller than Mommy and Daddy pretty soon.  You love playing with your friends and your brother.  Your best friends right now are Riley and Miah and you guys love to ride your bikes, play on the swingset, play Wii and play house (that’s Miah’s influence on you) 🙂  Just recently you have really gotten into Legos.  Your favorite foods are quesadillas, turkey sandwiches, pizza, mac and cheese, chicken and rice casserole, steak, and of course any and all candy.  Your favorite thing to do with Daddy is to go with him when he plays sand volleyball.  Your favorite thing to do with Mommy is put Legos together .  Your favorite thing to do with Holden is to make him laugh.  You love going to church.  You are a very thoughtful boy and you make me proud everyday with the choices that you make.  You are a leader.  We are so proud of the little boy you have become and look forward to seeing how you will change in this next year.


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