Jaxson’s 1st Day Of Kindergarten!

Wow, Tuesday was a big day!  A day that came really fast.  I can’t believe that my baby is in school.  He was so excited to go and has been talking about it for a while now.  He got up and got all ready and we were off.  We walked to school since it was a beautiful day and luckily Daddy and Nana Pam were able to be off of work to walk with us.  Jaxson showed Nana where his locker was and put all of his stuff away and went right to his desk, sat down and started to color.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry and of course Jaxson didn’t either.  It helps that he is so ready to go to school and was looking forward to it.  I have been close to tears a couple times though listening to Holden throughout the days looking for Jaxson.  We got home from the store and he ran into the house saying, “Bebay, where are you?  Mommy, where’s Bebay?”  I’d remind him that he’s at school.  “I wanna go get Bebay.”  I remind him that we will go get him after his nap.  “No! I wanna go get Bebay now!”  I know he will adjust; I just hope that it’s pretty soon.  We were very excited to go get him his first day.  He walked out with a big smile on his face.  He was excited to tell me about his day.  His favorite part so far is recess and his least favorite is lunchtime.  This morning he said that he didn’t want to go to school because lunchtime is confusing. I think it’s the process that he’s not sure of i.e. how to dish up his food, where to sit.  It doesn’t help that the first day I guess they sat him with the wrong class, so I think he’s a bit anxious about it.   So I had Miah come over and talk to him about the lunch process this morning and he seemed to be better.  So with Jaxson being at school, we are adjusting to a new normal and quietness around here that we haven’t heard in a long time.  I am excited about spending a lot of one-on-one time with Holden that I haven’t had. . . ever.  I am also looking forward to volunteering in Jaxson’s classroom for parties and field trips. . . let the fun school days begin 🙂

Jaxson’s 1st day of Kindergarten and Miah’s 1st day of 4th grade.

Ready to go into school.

Putting his things in his locker.

Ready to get to work.


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