The Hawk Train

Jaxson went to his first Hawkeye football game for the season last Saturday.  It was a bit chilly but Brad, Jaxson, Jason and Josiah had fun riding in on the Hawk train.  This was the first time they had ridden the train and they loved it.  Despite the hard loss, the boys still had fun.

Waiting for the train. . . brrrrrr

Let’s all see if we can get into the picture. . . yep, we can 🙂



9 Years!!

Brad and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week.  Wow!  It seems like just yesterday that I walked down the aisle to my groom.  What a wonderful and blessed nine years we have had.  And here’s to many more to come 🙂

We celebrated by going out to eat at Noah’s.

A nice Anniversary gift


Mommy & Holden Staying Busy

It’s very odd, yet nice only having one child during the day again.  I’ve never had the one-on-one time with Holden like what we are having now.  We stay busy during the day playing, running errands, and doing fun things.  We are excited because Brighter Beginnings started back up last week. Jaxson was quite upset when he heard that Holden and I would be going to BB without him.  I think that’s when Jaxson realized that when he’s at school, we don’t just sit at home and wait for him to come back  🙂

playing Memory

“working” on his workbooks


We Are Now Chiefs Fans

Jaxson started playing flag football on Sunday for the Chiefs.  This was their first practice and game and it was pretty cute.  They were running all over the place not knowing what to do or where to go.  Jaxson was so excited when he ALMOST got one of the boys’ flags.  He has already asked me today how many days until he has football again.

Riley is on the same team. Maybe these two will be the future of Valley football?

The very cute cheerleaders on the sidelines.

The first time Jaxson got the ball. . . he didn’t get very far 🙂

Holden stole Brad’s hat for the game; it was pretty bright.

Jaxson was so excited the he almost got one of the boys’ flags.

Running after the ball carrier and headed straight for us.






Ugh. . . It’s Going To Be A Long Season

Brad and I went to the Iowa/ISU game on Saturday in Iowa City.  We had a lot of fun tailgating with Jason, Brandy, Josiah, Ben and Tina.  But if if weren’t for the great time that we had with our friends, the day would have been a complete waste.  The Hawks played like crap and the game was quite boring.  I sure hope the whole season isn’t like this or it’s going to be a very long depressing season.

Brad and Ben

Ben, Tina, Jason, Josiah, Brandy, Brad and me


Jaxson’s New Room

We finally gave Jaxson the Hawkeye room that he has wanted.

Somebody likes his new room. He keeps asking “Daddy, do you wish you had a Hawkeye room?” Of course Brad says, “YES!”

This & That. . .

Not much going on around here.  We are excited the football season is here and that the Hawks started their season with a victory. . . barely.  We are adjusting to having a Kindergartener.  Jaxson loves school and is excited to go each day.  Holden has adjusted to having big brother gone during the days and we are having fun with just the two of us 🙂

It was college football day at school last Friday to kick off the season.

Of course Holden had to get his picture with Miah too.

What a great place to eat some Oreos.

Mmmm. . . Oreos

“I want more Oreos!”