Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!  We had Beggar’s Night lastnight and the kids scored big with the candy.  Jaxson dressed up as a mummy and Holden was Cat in the Hat.  He started out as a VERY grumpy Cat in the Hat, but soon got into the Halloween spirit.

Jaxson’s loot

Holden’s loot

This is what Holden did after I told him to pick out one more piece of candy and then we were going to put it away.




Early Trick Or Treaters

Holden and I had some early trick or treaters yesterday morning.  Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin were in the area trick or treating!  OK, not really.  It was Jeriann and the new meteorologist, Arielle Nixon, all dressed up as the gymnasts.  They came and got some candy and did some gymnastic moves in our driveway.   They then went to trick or treat down at the Johnson’s house, but no one was home since they have been in CA for Dancing With The Stars.

Arielle as Nastia, Jeriann as Shawn and Holdie as Cat in the Hat 🙂

Family Halloween Party

On Saturday evening, the McArtors invited us over to their new home for our first family Halloween party.  Everyone dressed up and had a great time.  Both the adults and kids had fun playing until midnight.

It’s Jesus and his pregnant nun. NO, I’m not pregnant, it’s just part of the costume. But in this picture I might have been done with being pregnant. . . I was already sick of the belly. 🙂

Amy as Daphne and Rawley as Fred from Scooby Doo

Jason as a meth maker from the show Breaking Bad and Brandy is a pretty kitty.

Jodi as Tim Tebow and Chad as Ric Flair, a WWE wrestler.

Ric beating up on Jesus. I’m sure that will come back to haunt him 🙂

Jaxson was lovin’ Chad’s wig.

A rockstar

Ric Flair Jr.









Howell’s Pumpkin Patch

Last week I went along with Jaxson’s Kindergarten class on their first field trip and it was to Howell’s Pumpkin Patch.  It was a bit chilly, but we still had fun.

The three dudes that I was in charge of. Jaxson and his friends Marco and Conal.

We took a hayrack ride out to the pumpkin patch where the kids were able to pick out their perfect pumpkin.

Jaxson feeding the goats up high.

Jaxson with our neighbor girl, Josie, on top of the round bales.

Jaxson having fun at lunch with his friend Nolan.





Pumpkin Carving 2012

We had our annual pumpkin carving night with the Barrons last week.  It was such a gorgeous night we were able to carve our pumpkins in the garage and enjoy the weather.  We were also watching Brady and Mason for a few hours, so they were able to get in on the fun 🙂

Jaxson is ready to get down and dirty!

Brady didn’t mind getting messy.

Mason stayed entertained in the swing.

The final creations.



Our Week In Review

Holden and I have been doing a lot of baking in the afternoons. So far we’ve made six loaves of grapenut bread, pumpkin muffins, oatmeal scotchies, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

He LOVES our pumpkin muffins!

After school it’s homework time.


Jaxson wore his dad’s massive shirt to school this week 🙂

On Saturday morning while Jaxson was at a birthday party, Brad took Holden to Gray’s Lake. They had fun walking around.

Brad went to the Iowa game on Saturday.

Jason, Brad and Chad had fun at the Iowa game. . . and then the game started.

This is Jaxson on a typical Sunday afternoon. In his fort watching football.








Center Grove Orchard 2012

Jaxson had the day off from school today so we decided to take advantage of that and the gorgeous weather that we had, so we headed up to the Center Grove Orchard.  We had never been there but have heard fabulous things about it from a lot of people.  We thought it was fabulous and we had a great time.

They enjoyed a little history lesson in the one room school house.

Holden inside the 3 little pigs’ straw house.

The corn pit was a big hit for all of us. We all came out of there with corn in our pants 🙂


Feeding the goats was fun too.

Fun on the jumping pillow.

These were a lot of fun to ride.

Jaxson had fun going down the super slide.

Going down backwards was fun too.

One of their favorites for the day. . . the hayrack ride to get our pumpkins.

Searching for the perfect pumpkins.

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