Jaxson is really enoying football.  He can’t wait for every Sunday when he gets to go play.  This past weekend he scored his first touchdown!  He was so excited!  I’m sad that I wasn’t able to be there to see it; however, Jaxson had a lot of family and friends there to see it and cheer him on.  He thought it was pretty cool that he had such a fan club there.  I’m so glad that our friend, Chad, was there and took 60 pictures of the game!  So thanks to him I feel like I got to see the whole touchdown run 🙂

Nana Pam came a couple weeks ago to cheer Jaxson on.

Tanya and Alexandria came too. Alexandria wanted to play with the big boys.

Jaxson getting some words of advice from Dad.

Jaxson’s got the ball. . .

and he’s running. . .

and running. . .


6 points baby!

He also does a little blocking.

In the meantime, Holden was having some issues with his shorts 🙂

“Ugh. . . these are so hard to pull up.”

“There, got em.”

There’s our cute little Bear.



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