Happy 3rd Birthday Holden!

Our precious Holden turned 3 years old today!  Those three years have flown by!  Even though he is three, I still look at him and think of him as my baby.  At three years old Holden weighs 34 lbs (70%) and is 38 1/4 in. tall (70%).  His speech and language has just recently boomed!  He talks all the time and is quite understandable.  Some of his favorites are:  wrestling/fighting/playing with Jaxson, playing Wii, jumping on his trampoline, doing puzzles, reading books, drinking juice and milk, eating pizza, chicken and rice casserole, and mac and cheese.  He is such a funny kid and is always surprising us with what he says.  He is also a VERY loving and cuddly kid.  He never turns down a chance for me to hold/cuddle with him.  He is still in love with his special burp rag, which is starting to look more like a rag after three years since he’s not big on letting me wash it 🙂  He is such a special boy to us and we love him sooooo much!  Happy Birthday Holdie!



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  1. Belinda
    Mar 21, 2013 @ 15:56:30

    Where did you go? Why are you no longer blogging?


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