I Like My Combine


More Pictures

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I keep having the kids’ pictures taken and then I can’t help but buy them.  I took them to Portrait Innovations a couple of weeks ago just to get a Christmas picture.  Well, of course we got the Christmas picture but then the photographer had to take ones of the boys separately and together, which I didn’t care to have done.  Frankly, I am annoyed by this.  The photographer that we had though was fabulous.  He had the boys laughing so hard, so of course he got some good ones that I couldn’t let go to waste.

Beware. . . Cute Kids Ahead!

Fun Times

With the weather getting a little colder, we are trying to soak up as much outdoor time as we can. 

Jaxson playing a little basketball.

Holden loves our neighbor’s plant because it attracts bees, which he likes to watch. 

Jaxson went to his 2nd Hawkeye game this past weekend.  Anya and Josiah were also there, so fun times were had by all. . . especially since they had some better weather this time and there was another Hawk victory. 

Spiderman cuddling with Holden 🙂

Nana Kris and Papa Steve stopped by on Sunday to play.

A friendly game of Candyland.

Holden’s new favorite activity. . . coloring with markers.

Creating his masterpiece.

Brotherly Love

I know I’ve said before that Jaxson is a good big brother, but have I said how he is a GREAT big brother!  He LOVES Holden so much and is constantly telling him "I love you buddy" "You’re my favorite boy Holden" "You’re my little Holdie" "You’re my cute baby."  I think he tells Holden that he loves him more in one day than I do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I tell Holden that I love him, but not every 30 mins. like Jaxson does.  It’s also adorable how he talks to Holden.  He gets that high-pitched voice like adults do when they talk to babies and Holden just eats it up.  He is also very protective of him, which just warms my heart.  They are just two peas in a pod.  Jaxson’s new thing is how he loves to rhyme.  At supper tonight, he was rhyming word after word and then he said, "Hey, how about this one.  I want another brother.  That rhymes."  🙂 

Goin’ in for a little smooch emoticon

Just Pictures

Not much going on this week, just pictures. . .

Holden tried blueberries this week and LOVED them!


Goin’ Fishin’

Big Papa came down today and the boys went fishing at Raccoon River Park.  Steve has been so excited to take Jaxson fishing, so today was the big day.  They caught three fish and Jaxson was so excited.  I guess he even gave one a kiss.  When he got home he was so excited to tell me all about his adventures.  He was talking a mile a minute; it was so fun to hear him so excited and to hear about how much fun he had. 

Goin’ fishing with Papa.

Our first catch.

Their big catch of the day.

Here’s the big boy.

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