Let Spring Break Begin!

I am excited for Spring Break this year with nothing on our schedule; therefore, we are going to do what we want, when we want (weather pending).  We have started our Spring Break by just playing outside and enjoying this beautiful weather and taking a picnic lunch to Raccoon River Park .

Jaxson getting the lawn bags ready for some yard work.

Just doing some raking.

Doing the swivel monkey bars.


Peter Parker at the top of his web.

Holden had fun with Daddy chasing him.

He conquered the monkey bars.


An Epic Birthday Weekend

Jaxson, Holden and I went back to Hubbard this weekend to help celebrate Kade’s 13th birthday and Papa Mike’s birthday.  On Saturday evening we all went over to Eldora for Kade’s birthday celebration at the Pizza Ranch.  He had a lot of family there to help him celebrate and it was a great time.  Mom, the boys and I then went over to Great Grandma’s just for a little bit to hang out.  On Sunday, we hung out all day and enjoyed a wonderful dinner made by mom.  Great Grandma and Aunt Wendy came over too.  Papa Mike opened his birthday presents and we got to have some birthday cake.  While we were having all the fun up North, Brad was at work all weekend.  We have a new computer system, called Epic – hence the title of this blog entry 🙂 that started on Saturday morning and it is a HUGE deal.  The patient’s will no longer have a paper chart, it’s all going to be computerized AND our physician’s have to put in their own orders. . . . HALLELUJIAH!!!!  Brad ended up working 4a-4p on Saturday and 6a-5p on Sunday and he said it went pretty well.  So I’m pretty excited for next weekend when I get to experience the new Epic.

A burp rag blanket. What could be better?

Happy 13th Birthday Kade!

Chattin' with Papa and Nana Winter.


Somebody wants some cake.

Kade likes the drum sticks that we got him.

Helping Nana do laundry.

Jaxson got to take a short ride in Papa Mike's semi.

Jaxson and Nana decorating Papa's birthday cake.

Dancing on Nana's countertops.

Weekend In Gowrie

The boys went back to Gowrie this weekend while I worked.  They had a great time and on Monday, all Holden could tell me about was how Papa had a mask on and scared him.

Jaxson is lookin' pretty scary with Papa Steve's mask on. Yes, this family likes scary masks.

Helping Papa feed the birds.


The Souper Bowl

For the past six years or so, our church has held their own Souper Bowl.  Everyone is invited to bring in food items to donate that will go to the local food pantries.  The goal is to restock every single food pantry in central Iowa. . . and they usually accomplish it with 60 TONS of food.  This year the Cathcart family wanted to get involved with it more than by  just donating some food, so Brad, Jaxson and I went to the church this morning and helped sort the food.  It was almost overwhelming at first because their are mountains of food all over, you just don’t know where to start.  We all had a lot of fun and it was neat to see the amount of food that was there that is going to help so many people.

Jaxson standing in front of the big pile. This is probably just 10% of all of it.

Making the cereal pile a little bigger.

Jaxson and Daddy having a discussion over the pasta.

Got some peanut butter.

Half of the tables.

The other half.

Staying Cozy

Papa Steve and Nana Kris came down last weekend for a visit.

Stayin' cozy

Jaxson made a Holden burrito.

Bowling With The Brauckmans

We went bowling last Thursday with the Brauckmans.  We had a great time and the kids did too.

Holdie aiming for a strike.

The 3 Musketeers. Jaxson wasn't feeling well. He ended up having croup and bilateral ear infections 😦

Jaxson going for a strike.

Just doing a little relaxing together.

Brad’s Surgery

This last Friday, Brad had his medial meniscus repaired on his right knee.  This surgery is done with a scope, so it’s not too invasive.  The surgery lasted about 45 minutes and the surgeon said that it was a “pretty extensive tear.”  He was surprised that Brad was not having more trouble than what he was.  Brad even questioned it that morning if he should even have surgery because he hardly ever takes anything for the pain.  I told him he was doing it because he couldn’t run or jump anymore, so yes, it needed to be done.  He is recovering well and getting around pretty well.  Today, day 2, has been the worst day so far with pain and swelling, but we were warned it would be that way.  The boys are being great with him and very curious about his owies.  We are hoping tomorrow will be a little better and then it’s back to work on Tuesday. 

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