Holden’s Many Faces

His happy face

His mad face

His funny face.

Once again, can't do much without the burp rag close by.





A Fabulous Day!

Last week, when it was in the 60’s, we got our bikes and the bike trailor back out and went for a ride to Menchie’s.  I didn’t notice until we got home that Holden had found the ride so soothing.

He slept outside like this for an hour. . . in February. . . in Iowa!

Holdie’s Birthday Party

We had Holden’s birthday party on Sunday and we are so thankful that all of our immediate family was able to make it (22 people all together).  We did a sports/ball theme this year since Holden loves playing ball.  We had pizza, fruit salad, cheese, sausage, crackers, football and baseball cakes and homemade ice cream.  Holden had a great time and is getting to be a pro at opening presents.  Thank you to all of our family for making his 2nd birthday so special.

Holden was excited to see Papa Choo Choo.

Tanya and Alexandria

Holden liking the pizza.


Happy Birthday Holdie!

He was a little embarrassed with everyone singing to him.

Enjoying some homemade ice cream.

Two goofballs enjoying cake and ice cream.

After having practice at Christmas, Holden knew right how to get into the presents.

Just taking a little break from opening presents.

Holdie got a basketball hoop!

Holden pulling the train that we got for him.

Sissy pushing puppy in the stroller.

More Hawk Pictures

I know, a lot of what I do is post pictures of my kids in their Hawkeye clothes, but this was too cute to pass up. . .

Holden wearing a Hawkeye hat, shirt, pants, and even Hawkeye Crocs.

Happy Birthday Holden!

I can’t believe that our baby turned 2 on Friday!  We had a special day with all four of us.  Brad took the day off of work and we all spent the day together.  We took Holdie out to supper at McDonald’s and then to Menchie’s for dessert.  He was so cute as he would get a little embarrassed when we would sing “Happy Birthday” to him.  He also agrees with us now that he is two.  At first, he would say, “No, this!”  As he held up one finger.  He hasn’t quite grasped how to hold up two fingers, but he is working on it.  We are so blessed to have such a loving and precious little boy.  We love you sooooo much Holdie and as Jaxson said, “I’m sure glad we had this kid.”

Celebrating at McDonald's

Mmmmm. . . Menchie's

My birthday boy.


Holden’s Lovies

Oh boy. . . Holden’s lovies.  This kid loves these things.  "They" include his monkey, or "me" as he calls it, and at least two burp rags, or also known as "burr ray," and the baby.  They go everywhere with him. . . upstairs, downstairs, to bed, in the bike trailor, etc.  If for some reason he hasn’t seen them in a while and finally notices them, he gets soooo excited and runs and tackles them and buries his head into them. 

Holden with all of his friends.

Holden’s Favorites At 18 Months

My baby is getting big and I don’t like it!!  I would love for him to stay at this age for a very long time.  He is so sweet and precious and I’m worried he won’t be so much once he hits the ages of two and three 😦 

Holden had his 18 month check up last week and passed with flying colors.  He now weighs 25 lbs 7 oz (45%) and is 32 3/4 in. tall (60%).  This is the first time that he has been above 50% in anything! 

Holden’s Favorites:

Lovie:  burp rag and sock monkey

Food:  corn, oreos, pasta, pizza, apples and pretty much all fruit

Drink: milk, V8 juice, and ice water

Toy: ball, Super Why computer

Word: ball, yeah, mama

Thing to do with Daddy: play outside

Thing to do with Mommy: help in the kitchen

Thing to do with Jaxson: play boxing, dance

TV show: Super Why

Activity: play outside, color, ride bikes

Helping me make pancakes.

Playing with Daddy

Trying to suck on his toe.

Yum. . . watermelon

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