Jaxson at 5 1/2

Jaxson is now 5 1/2 and he will be the first one to tell you.  He got to celebrate his 1/2 birthdy at school on Monday since he doesn’t get to celebrate his real birthday during the school year.  He chose to bring EL Fudge cookies, pretzels, and milk for birthday treats.  At 5 1/2 Jaxson is a silly kid.  When he grows up he wants to be a Power Ranger.  He even told me that when Brad and I left his bedroom one night, he prayed to God asking him to make him a Power Ranger when he’s bigger 🙂  He loves playing with his brother, doing puzzles, and going to school.  His most favorite thing right now is playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii with Brad.  They have fun talking strategy and conquering worlds together.  He has a language all his own.  He says the word “chicken” a lot. For example, he says, “Holden, you’re just the chickenest” or “Hi, chicken Mommy.”  I will admit, it drives me nuts, but it’s better than the potty talk that was before the chicken talk.  He enjoys playing chase, especially when Brad is chasing him around with a scary mask on.  He is tall, standing a hair short of four feet tall.  He is a good dancer and has “the moves like Jagger.”  He’s excited to go to Kindergarten in the fall, but he is still my baby 🙂


Jaxson’s Preschool Program

Jaxson had his preschool Christmas program today and it was absolutely adorable.  He sang right along with all of the songs and did all of the actions.  It’s a good thing too because he had quite the audience there watching him.  Nana Pam, Nana Kris, Great Aunt Patty, Papa Choo Choo, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Tanya and Alexandria all came to watch Jaxson.  After the program we all enjoyed cookies and milk.

Enjoying cookies after the program

Me and my boys

Jaxson with his teacher Mrs. Hill

Thanks for coming Aunt Patty

Thanks for coming Nana Kris and Nana Pam



Jaxson’s 1st Day of Pre-K

Jaxson had his 1st day of Pre-K yesterday and of course he LOVED it!!  He has been so excited and it was a little hard for him to wait this long since all of his friends have been back in school now for two weeks.  He is going to our church again and is now going in the afternoons M-Th from 12:30-3:00.  So now I drop him of at school and when we get home, Holden goes right down for a nap.  So this means that I get four afternoons a week to myself!!!  WOOT WOOT!!! 

Jaxson’s 1st Hawkeye Game

Jaxson went to his first Hawkeye game with Brad on Saturday along with Brad’s friend, Jason, and his 3 year old son, Josiah.  Needless to say, the weather was less than ideal.  Brad is calling it Hurricane Hawkeye.  He said that he’s never been to a game as bad as this one was with the rain.  Jaxson was so excited to go; it was so cute.  When they got there it was pouring down rain and did so for a while.  Jaxson was whining and saying that he wanted to go in the 1st quarter 😦  Luckily, the rain eventually stopped and he then started to have a little more fun.  The rain held off until the third quarter.  Brad told Jaxson to get his coat back on cuz they were getting out of there.  I guess Brad could see the front moving in and it looked bad.  It turned out being pretty bad because they postponed the game for 90 minutes, which they obviously didn’t stick around for. They went ahead and came home and they were drenched. Luckily Jaxson still had fun and the Hawks won!

The whole gang ready to go.

Josiah and Jaxson ready to get the show on the road.

"It could seriously stop raining."

Our little Hawkeye

Jaxson’s Favorites at 5

These are his answers. . .

Favorite food:  Mac N Cheese, rice casserole, pizza

Favorite treat: any candy, ice cream, popsicles

Favorite toy:  Batman’s Batcave

Favorite activity with Mommy:  play outside

Favorite activity with Daddy:  play boxing

Favorite activity with Holden:  make him laugh and see his belly

Favorite game:  Lightening McQueen racing game on the Wii

Favorite friend(s):  Miah, Riley, Jack

Favorite place to go:  Raccoon River Park

Favorite book:  Spiderman, Batman, and Superman

Favorite color:  red and blue

Favorite thing to do outside:  play skateboard

Favorite thing to do inside: play Power Rangers and Army guys

Happy Birthday Jaxson!!!

Jaxson turned 5 last Friday!!!  I can not believe it!  He is growing up right before our eyes.  He is turning into such a wonderful little man.  He makes us laugh everyday. .  .and pull our hair out too.  He is becoming so independent, which we love.  He gets himself ready in the morning with dressing, brushing his teeth, etc.  He occasionally makes his own breakfast (that’s if he’s in the mood to do it himself or not).  He is also a great big brother to Holden, always watching out for him and wanting to teach him new things.  Jaxson, we are so proud of the person that you are becoming and we look forward to seeing the changes that happen this next year. 

Jaxson had his 5 year check up today and it went very well.  He weighs 49.4 lbs (91%) and is 46 1/2 in. tall (99%).  Our pediatrician reminded us that just because he’s as big as a 2nd grader, we shouldn’t expect him to act like one 🙂  At his appointment we also found out that both boys have hand, foot, and mouth disease.  It’s just a virus; however, we were at four birthday parties in the last three days and all I could think of was all of the people they came into contact with.  We sure hope none of the other kiddos contract it, especially since a lot of them have their first day of school this week.

Birthday Party At The Bowling Alley

We had Jaxson’s birthday party with his friends last night at the bowling alley in Waukee.  He had seven friends that came and they had a great time.  They had a blast bowling and so did the adults.  Holden LOVED the bowling alley.  He wanted to bowl so badly.  A few times we caught him trying to sneak a ball and walking towards the lane.  We finally figured out how to let him bowl towards the end.  After bowling for an hour, we then moved the party to the party room.  We enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, and of course presents. 

The birthday party crew


Holden’s turn to bowl

Miah bowling

Riley and Brad

Riley and Lincoln (Jaxson’s buddy from daycare)

Pizza time

Jaxson was a little excited about his gifts 🙂

This was earlier in the day.  Jaxson helped make his birthday oreo cupcakes.

The final yummy product

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